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How do you see your preferred future?


For over 20 years we have been working with our clients to achieve their preferred future.

As one of Tasmania’s leading management consultancies, creating Preferred Futures (formerly Farley Consulting Group) has earned a reputation for delivering innovative, practical advice, solutions and support to the corporate, SME, government and non-government sectors and industry segments that produces significant results.

We live in a connected dynamic world and it takes our unique, collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach to ensure the right balance of expertise and real world experience to manage the complexity of that.


So contact us today to begin working towards creating your preferred future.



Enterprising Futures
Getting your enterprise and your people’s focus and fit to the market “right” is a major challenge….

Regional Futures
“Place” is a keystone to thinking about and working towards a preferred future for local and regional communities….

Industry Futures
Within the place based context, industry sectors both compete and combine to viably create the basis of prosperity….

Policy & Program Futures
Development and implementation of constructive and productive policy and program investment is one of government’s greatest challenges…..